Closing the Circle
Pursah's Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles

Some of us knew for a long time that St. Paul and his followers interpreted the teachings of Jesus and made them into a religion that was grounded in the notion of apostolic succession, not the actual teachings. The pope became Jesus' vicar on earth, based on the notion that Jesus would come back to earth, thus contravening the idea that we should follow him, as the apostles had shown. 

The point of the resurrection is that our relationship with Jesus as our Internal Teacher is ever present and transcends theology. The Thomas gospel preserves the freshness of the original teaching, and A Course in Miracles provides the metaphysics, and psychology that make his words accessible to us in our time.

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In the Disappearance of the Universe trilogy by Gary R. Renard, the connection between the Jesus of the Thomas gospel, and A Course in Miracles becomes clear. In that sense, the Thomas gospel closes the circle between the original teachings of Jesus and the Course.